Thursday, November 18, 2010

Super Fun Giveaway!!!

Are these awesome are what??! The hot pants I mean...not just the giveaway...although ANY giveaway is awesome! Is it not??!! Team Discovery is hosting yet another incredible giveaway (I can't get enough)! Enter to win these ADORABLE and FUN Mustache Envy Hot Pants from talented Etsy seller HotacrossBuns!

Can't wait to win? Purchase these hot pants now or check out other neat things (gift ideas?) in HotacrossBuns' Etsy shop HERE !

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Giveaway Central...

I swear...the awesome and mighty Team Discovery is "Giveaway Central"!! LOVE it!! It is that time again!! Check out the newest giveaway from Team Discovery...a BEAUTIFUL watercolor cowl (hand-knit...might I add) from the fun Etsy shop, ImpossiblyAlice!

Don't forget to get a good start on your holiday shopping and check out other fun things for sale from this artist in her Etsy shop HERE !

Friday, November 12, 2010

Feature Friday : Feelin' Fall

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall and even though it's just about half over and the last of the bright and beautiful foliage is dropping from the trees with ridiculous speed, there is still so much fall left to enjoy!! We haven't even made it to Thanksgiving folks, so we mind as well keep on celebrating this festive season!

Take a gander at these fine Feature Friday items to give you back that happy Autumnal glow.......

Antique Brass Acorn Necklace

Photo courtesy of

Purchase this necklace HERE or view other items from this featured shop HERE !

Cherry Walnut Nougat

Photo courtesy of
Purchase this tasty treat HERE or view other yummy items in this shop HERE !

Mini Pumpkins
 Photo courtesy of

Purchase these fun pumpkins HERE or view other items from this shop HERE !

Tiny Acorns Organic Sugar Cookies

Photo courtesy of
Purchase these delightful cookies HERE or view other goodies from this shop HERE !

Hand-Knit Pumpkin Hat
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Purchase this adorable hat HERE or view other fun things for sale in the artist's shop HERE !

Happy Friday all!!! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Super Fun Giveaway!!

Team Discovery is at it again!! Offering up tremendous goodies to be won!!! Enter this brand new giveaway and win this pretty and playful, Tiny Dancer t-shirt in plum from the amazing Etsy shop, BlackbirdTees!

The holidays are coming fast!

Find awesome gift ideas in BlackbirdTees Etsy shop HERE !

Friday, November 5, 2010

Feature Friday : Rainy Day

I adore Etsy and everything about! There is no question that the artists that "dwell" there are unbelievably and uniquely talented! Everywhere I look (treasuries, shops, front page, blog, etc.), I find myself staring at yet another feast for the eyes and one more item to be craved.

It may be gloomy here today in my hometown, but no need for that to get me down when I have such lovely items to feature today! Here are a few of this Friday's favorites (and I have hundreds more where that came from)...

Lightweight Cloudy Earposts 

Photo courtesy of

Purchase these earrings HERE or view other items from this featured shop HERE !

Real Men Want Flowers Stoneware Poppy Bowl

Photo courtesy of

Purchase this gorgeous bowl HERE or view other items in this talented artist's shop HERE !

Rain Clouds Original Watercolor Painting

Photo courtesy of

Purchase this fun painting HERE or view other items in this artist's shop HERE !

Cloud Mug
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Purchase this pretty and sweet mug HERE or view other items in this featured shop HERE !

Pink Rain Coin Purse

Photo courtesy of

Purchase this purse HERE or view other items from this featured shop HERE !

If these beautiful rainy day items don't cheer you up...I don't know what will ;)  Happy Friday all!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Truffles Says...

This is the part where we delve into some words of wisdom with Truffles the bunny.....

A loving heart is the truest wisdom. 
~ Charles Dickens ~

Truer words were never spoken, Truffles....   

I think she agrees ;) 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giveaway Time!!!

Team Discovery is at it again! Another amazing giveaway!

Try your hand at winning this bright and beautiful cell phone sleeve hand-crafted by Team Discovery member, Moboogie!


Plus, don't forget to check out all of the other gorgeous products in Moboogie's Etsy shop HERE !

Great gift ideas to be found there.....hint, hint...the holidays are a comin'!

Wacky Word Wednesday: Sinciput

You carry it with you everywhere you go. It sits faithfully just above your noble brow. You are probably brushing aside stray hairs from it at this very moment....

Did you know that the slightly more ridiculous sounding word sinciput is basically referring to your forehead? Wacky, huh? Use it in conversation that's using what's behind that old sinciput of yours!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Awesome Giveaway!!!

Join in on the fun and try your hand at winning this GORGEOUS necklace from ValerieKStudio!!


Check out ValerieKStudio's shop HERE !!!

Beautiful stuff to be found there!!! :)

Awesome Giveaway!!!

Team Discovery and it's incredible team members are always offering the most amazing stuff for giveaways!! Check out the newest one from the talented jenni4k:


You could win this unique and fun journal! Good luck!

Check out other great jenni4k stuff in her Etsy shop HERE !

Such talent :)